Hannah Segraves - Motion Designer
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The Present

Sometimes the stress of life can become overwhelming, but the more often you can find yourself in the present, the better you can handle whatever you find stressful.


Inspiration: These are moments I have captured that helped me feel in the present moment. Some were on extravagant adventures, some in the park, and some were even just from my backyard. No matter where I was, I felt content in each moment.


Online Inspiration: These are captured moments I found online that helped me develop my story.


Character Design: I wanted something cute and simple that would match a simple environment. Circular faces and long limbs are a recurring theme in my animations. They're fun and easy to animate without rigging. Yep, there was no rigging involved in this animation!


Storyboards: A lot changed after I finally got my idea drawn out in front of me, but once I was able get the idea out of my head, I knew what I needed to change about the story.


Style Frames:

StyleFrame_01_V02 (0-00-15-10).png
StyleFrame_02 (0-00-16-01).png
StyleFrame_03 (0-00-00-00).png

Animatic: I fixed the story line in the animatic and laid out my scenes and camera angles. Things got switched around in the end for better readability of the story. 

Animation and Rendering: Well, maybe I did rig a little. Keeping the rig from breaking was difficult, but I made it work in the end.


Since I didn't rig the fingers, I made different hand poses and replaced them as needed.


Building the Space: